How To Target The Right Audience For Your Snapchat Campaign

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With Advertisemint’s Guide to Snapchat Ad Targeting


• By Anna Hubbel, Writer at Advertisemint, a Snapchat advertising agency 


With so much social media advertising information out there, it takes a lot of time to compile all there is to make sense of it as you dive into your ad campaign. Especially when both the network’s abilities and user base are expanding as quickly and extensively as that of Snapchat.


AdvertiseMint – a Snapchat Advertising Agency – offers a Complete Guide to Snapchat Ad Targeting to help advertisers target a specified audience across Snapchat’s unique platform for optimal reach. A guide such as this is extremely beneficial as it simplifies the campaign creation process so advertisers can really hone in on their desired audience. As attention spans shrink, and preferences for the instantaneous increase, the need to create stellar content for the right audience is imperative from a marketing perspective.


The Snapchat Guide Is A Great Reference Tool


The Ad Targeting guide offers a breakdown of audience categories based on common Interests and Behaviors across Snapchat users. It’s particularly useful in helping advertisers boost content in a way that appeals specifically to young users who need enough compelling originality to keep them interested and reactive.


Below is a list of the audience targeting categories the guide provides in detail:

– Lifestyle – Targeting focused on user lifestyle interests such as fitness enthusiasts, foodies, film and TV fans, news watchers, etc.

– Shoppers – Targeting focused on what users shop for such as apparel, music, beer and wine, movies, etc.

– Visitors – Targeting focused on where users choose to spend a bulk of their time such as coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, hotels, etc.

– Viewers – Targeting focused on preferred movie and television categories users watch as well as viewing behaviors. For example, home movie viewers that prefer horror, TV viewers that prefer news, TV heavy viewers, home movie viewers that prefer science fiction, etc.

– Demographics – Targeting focused on age, gender, household income, small business status, etc.

– Devices – Targeting focused on device types such as operating systems (Android or iOS), connection type (cell or WiFi), and carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.).


Additionally, the guide details Snapchat’s custom audience features; specifically, what is referred to as SAM (Snapchat Audience Match). The guide indicates how to utilize Snapchat to target a custom audience:

– Match Targeting – Reach your audience existing contacts derived from email of device ID.

– Lookalike Targeting – Expand your reach to similar users.

– Exclusion Targeting – Reach only net-new Snapchatters.

– Engagement Targeting – Focusing ads on users depending on their interactions with ads, geofilters, and lenses.


You can easily print the PDF version of the guide or save it to your desktop to keep handy as you develop your campaign. You may also share the high-res infographic on social media with the #advertisemint hashtag. If you should desire to share it on your blog or website, simply remember to include a link back to


Ask The Right Questions To Target The Right Audience


Millennials are a unique and powerful demographic. They’re the reason the Snapchat app took off and continues to grow; the app appeals to the authentic and spontaneity of 16- to 36-year-olds. In addition, with shorter attention spans in today’s social media society, it takes striking visuals to quickly capture a user’s attention before they swipe on to the next thing in their feed.


However, what appeals to one user may not appeal to another. Audiences are unique, which is why it’s important to know exactly who you are trying to attract when creating a Snapchat campaign. AdvertiseMint’s Complete Guide to Snapchat Ad Targeting helps advertisers ask the right questions when trying to focus their campaign, such as:

– What does our desired audience like to do?

– What does our desired audience like to see?

– What is most likely to encourage our desired audience to take action in response to our campaign?

– How does our desired audience go about their day-to-day lives that would make them interested in our ad’s message?


Want to learn more about this unique social network that Millennials are so drawn to? Be sure to check out our Snapchat Advertising Blog for the latest in Snapchat news, product updates, and marketing tips and tricks.




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