How To Make Your Website Better Tomorrow

how to make better website

• By Mark Bloom •


When you want to improve your website – to help it draw more visitors and convert more visitors into customers – you usually have to call on a specialist. Your choice is determined by what you need:

> Web designers can give your dated website a fresh new look.

> Web developers can revamp the entire site to bring it up-to-date.

> SEO marketers can analyze your site to discover why it’s not getting more traffic, and then they take steps to correct the issues.

> Content writers review the current content to see why your site isn’t converting more visitors.


If you need help with anything in the list above, you may have to break down and call in the pros if you want it done right. If you really want to see concrete results, professionals in these fields deliver the goods. But there are some things you can do yourself to improve your website right now.


Review Your Site With Fresh Eyes


You may look at your website every day, or you may look at it once a week, just when you publish your blog post. And yes, you almost certainly need to be publishing blog posts weekly or even more frequently. If you’re not, then start there and see how that impacts your website traffic and conversions.

But when was the last time you looked at your website from a visitor’s perspective? This is considered the user experience or UX, for short. Consider even asking a friend or family member to look over the site and give you constructive feedback. It can be a real eye-opener. For example, ask yourself:

> Are the images engaging and useful?

> Is your navigation clear?

> Is the language inviting?

> Can you find information (hours, address, menu, services, target audience, unique advantage proposition) with ease?

> Is anything missing?

> Does the website provide value to visitors?


What’s Most Important?


It’s all important. SEO brings targeted traffic to your website. Without it, your website may languish on the fringes of the internet. But it’s your website’s job to convert those visitors into customers – or at least persuade them to take action and contact you. The design, the navigation and the content all come into play to do this task.

So, to deliver value and generate buzz about your website, make sure your site is optimized for search engines and targeted to your particular audience. In other words, make sure you spend enough time and energy on the content of the site. And that’s something you can review and assess yourself.


Deliver Valuable Content To Improve Your Website


Here are six tips to keep in mind when reviewing your website content:


1. Make it clear where to find everything.
From the menu to internal links – links on the page – to a Search box, give your visitors every way possible to find what they’re looking for. Make it exceptionally easy.


2. Write in plain language.
Avoid jargon. Use short, clear sentence structure. In fact, most audiences read at an eighth-grade level online. Unless your audience is composed of rocket scientists, keep it simple.


3. Use examples when appropriate.
Tackling a tough subject? Include a relatable example to clear up the concept and use images to help explain. You’re imparting information. Make sure it connects.


4. Deliver information your audience appreciates.
People often go online to answer questions. If your website can be the one that satisfactorily answers their questions, they’ll remember when they’re in the market to buy your product or services.


5. Market your company and your brand.
Every page of your website should reinforce your brand and encourage visitors to contact you — and so your contact information needs to be visible on every page. Make it easy for visitors to remember your company and to contact you.


6. Invite visitors in, then sell.
Your home page or landing page needs to be inviting, but the deeper into your website a visitor goes, the more they’re interested in your products or services. That’s the place to kick up the sales pressure.


Guest author: Mark Bloom, Director of Digital Content at Ray Access

Ray Access is a content marketing firm that believes in the power of words to empower your business. Content marketing may be the least expensive yet most effective way to market your business online.



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