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FREE Powerful Web-Marketing Tips


By Roger Herbert


My mentor is Mr. Crisps – He developed his name because of the crisp quick advice he gives from short sentences and sound counsel.

My name is Roger, an elderly man bouncing around in a young man’s world.

Jerome Perrin invited me to write about some of the secrets I have learned in my frog dance around the Internet over the years.

Really though, I would have learned nothing without Mr. Crisps. His wisdom has inspired my thinking.

“Roger” Mr. Crisps told me at the outset, “If you think you are going to make quick BIG money on the Internet, you are going to be sadly mistaken!”

“Why is that?” I questioned.

“Well, don’t you know that most people give up, and fail online?”

“Do they? – I have made a few Dollars online, and it gives me a big kick to open my post-box to find a Clickbank check there. However, my checks are small even after a spending much time promoting some of their very fine products.”

Then Mr. Crisps began sharing some logic with me, “Roger, what you need think about is promoting products that I would call ‘BIG Ticket’ items, because it takes just as much effort to promote products that attract good prices, as it is does to promote something that will yield relatively small commissions.”

“Time” Mr. Crisps went on to explain, “Is very valuable, and you need to spend your time promoting products that are going to earn you good money – avoid looking for wimpy commissions, go for the BIG time!”

“That is interesting,” I responded, “How does one find the items to sell that will yield BIG commissions?”

“Well, let’s begin thinking about what every business needs, in addition to their product lines.” Mr. Crisps said.

“They all need to advertise,” Mr. Crisps continued, and advertising packages do earn good commissions.”

So I looked around to find some good advertising businesses that were offering affiliate programs to help sell their services. In fact I found a goodly number of such businesses and I began promoting their products.


One of them I found is this one. It is One-Stop-Shop for all one’s advertising needs:

Reasonable, well-prepared advertising is not easy to come by – but if you need it click this link.


Do I find advertising easy to sell? – Frankly though I try to sell advertising every day I am not doing very well in this regard. (Maybe the new advertising above will help!)

“Well why don’t you buy advertising to help you then?” Mr. Crisps enquired.

So I bought advertising – and nearly went broke in the process!

Despite the advertiser’s hype one never knows whether the advertising you buy is going to be effective or not – and my feeling is that we need to have deep pockets to test an advertising vehicle to see whether it will succeed or not.

“No, Mr. Crisps, this buying of advertising is not helping me – I am going broke, and my returns remain wimpy!” – – – “I will have to find a way that I can generate my own leads, or I too will fail!”

“Roger, have you tried Email Marketing?”

“Yes, Mr. Crisps I have, but while I know that many make their incomes through their lists that they have built us for years – frankly I find it even difficult to build a list, and the gurus keep saying, “The money is in the list!” – While I certainly believe the logic, I have not found that easy to get right.”

“SPAM,” I continued, “Seems to be a big challenge in Email Marketing and my efforts, despite the different ‘blasters’ I use – have not been that encouraging. That I feel is due to the emails going into SPAM folders and not to principal email addresses. There must be a better way than that!”

“Roger, there are other things to think about that may help. Have you thought a About Social Media?”

“Yes, I replied, I use Twitter and Facebook – but this is time consuming, and one’s advertising scrolls off the messaging pages very quickly!”

“That’s true,” said Mr. Crisps, “but have you tried using auto-posters to Twitter and Facebook, especially to Groups?”

So I tried that.

After buying an auto-poster to Twitter, Twitter decided not receive that service provider’s posts any more – and shut it down!”

My auto-posting to Facebook was also a disaster! – Facebook shut my whole account down! It took me a great deal of effort get it re-established!

No wonder so many people fail!

Then the lightning blew out my computer not once, but twice! – Just to add to the drama of trying to succeed online!

There are a number of things that I have learned about Social Media platforms that Mr. Crisps guided me through that I will share with you:




Really to get effective with this platform you need to use an auto-poster otherwise your posts are ‘live’ for just few seconds – we need to be able to repeat the posts regularly throughout the day.

I have found a very useful Twitter auto-poster – the link is in the Resource Box below.

Find your way about the link – it is quite easy to use as you experiment with it.

One thing about Twitter posts – YOU DO NOT GET PAID FOR POSTING!




At present I am still wary of being shut down again, so am posting into groups manually at this time – however, I have added a link to a very good auto-poster to Facebook Groups probably the best one on the Internet – there are others.

Facebook have many members and is probably the largest ‘market’ in the world today. However, many users just post family comments and share pictures that are not business orientated in any way, for this reason I prefer to use Linkedin that I will write about in a second.

One thing about Facebook posts – YOU DO NOT GET PAID FOR POSTING!




This is a great Social Media platform because members are employed men and women who are looking to improve their lot in life. So this platform represents a very good list that you can learn to contact good people in.

My recommendation is to learn to develop your knowledge of this platform – it can be very profitable to you.

One thing about Linkedin posts – YOU DO NOT GET PAID FOR POSTING!

“Mr. Crisps are there other Social Media platforms out there?”

“Yes, Roger, there are – Just Google ‘Social Media platforms’ and their names will pop up. Some you need to pay for to join, others are free to join.”

“Before I tell you about the latest platform I use, I need to explain something to you.

“For me I consider the Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin etc., to be vehicles that carry my ‘sales messages’ – These platforms I call my Front End.

“My Back End are the sales messages themselves that will always include a monetized link.

“Now if your Front End pays you to post messages, pictures and videos etc., and in your Back End in your message you include a monetized link, what will happen is that you will get a double whammy! – You are earning from the from the Front End as you post, and if someone buys off your post you earn off the Back End as well! – All at the same time!

“Let me give you an example of this:

“Your ad blurb could look some thing like this:

WANTED WORLDWIDE: Men and woman with Sales and Presentation Skills to represent a well-known and respected International business educational organization. Strong commission structure, full or part-time – Online and Offline – Click on this link

“What are we looking at here?”

“I can see,” Roger replied, “A neat little ad here – that carries a link – When I clicked the link I was taken to a page that tells me all about the consulting business that is looking for representatives worldwide.”

“I see now how the ‘double whammy’ can work.

“But where can I find a Social Media platform that pays me to post comments, videos and pictures?”

“OK, so here is my last secret. I am going to express it a message that you can post on any Social Media platform and it will take you to my Magic Secret” said Mr. Crisps.

“Before I go, if you persist with this platform you will see very quickly how you get paid for your Front End activities – Any Back End sales are therefore an additional bonus to you.”

“Here is my ad blurb that will take you to the ‘Magic Secret’ Social Media platform” – Mr. Crisps concluded his mentorship. “It is up to you now, Roger”.

This is a “Must Read” for those who want to cut their Advertising Spend – AND get PAID for posting in Social Media . . . . . . The ‘secrets’ in Social Media posting/advertising – and GET PAID for doing it!

Click on this link

So ends my article for Jerome Perrin.


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