Jerome  Perrin 

Digital  Marketing  Specialist

Owner of J4JAY Studio Web, a digital agency in France



I have spent my career mainly in the marketing, sales and communication fields.

Over the years, I have acquired strong digital skills.

Today, I help decision makers to develop their business with the help of digital solutions.


And I am an entrepreneur.


I can help you develop your sales by using every purpose-built digital solutions available.

I start by analyzing your economic model as well as the market you aim to target, then I set up a marketing  strategy as well as a global digital structure. Finally, I analyze the results of all efforts and implement any necessary changes.


Our aim is to set up a successful operation that will attract internet users, leads and prospects.

I will analyze every step of the process, from the creation of site traffic to the realization of final sales.


The conversion process is key; being able to transform leads into deals.

The whole sales process is vital, but it’s not the most challenging part.

The part that is the most difficult, and the most important, is to attract the right volume of internet visitors.


It’s all about the quality of the audience.


If you’re looking for ways to create an online business that really works, if you’re not happy with your current market presence, if you don’t know where to start in the world of digital marketing:


I am ready to hear from you,


Jerome  Perrin


I help professionals grow their business through digital, technology and web marketing..





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