Are You Holiday-Marketing Ready?

Holiday Marketing Plan

• By Ksenia Newton •


We are now in full swing into the most important season of the year – The Holiday Season. According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales in the United States can account for 20-30% of total retail industry sales which prompts a question: How can you make sure your marketing efforts are aligned across all channels so you can achieve the Q4 business objectives?


Here is your checklist:


1. First and foremost, do you have a cohesive action plan – a marketing plan? A detailed marketing strategy plan is what is going to guide your efforts for the rest of the fiscal period. A proper marketing plan that outlines the business goals and the execution strategy is 50% of success. This is a document that you and the rest of the team can rely on at all times, and it will build the foundation for the many years ahead. 


Holiday Marketing Plan



2. Did you assign the roles and responsibilities to the marketing strategy execution? Having a well-defined game plan is important so you don’t duplicate each other’s efforts and instead, create a much higher impact as a team.


3. Take a second look at the audience you are targeting. Are you stretching yourself too thin? What types of marketing channels are your consumers really using? You don’t always have to be on every possible channel, just pick the ones used by your potential clients and focus your efforts there.


4. How you are measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? Measuring and reporting on the correct marketing metrics is crucially important so you can justify the costs and plan the budget for the next fiscal period. Also, choosing the right metrics will help you identify the tactics that don’t work and pull them out of your marketing plan.


5. Do you know what your customer is up to after the transaction has been made? A consumer journey doesn’t end at the point-of-purchase. In an Age of Market Saturation, you want to stay on their radar at all points of the journey and be top-of-mind when the customer is ready. For example, a holiday e-card or a birthday mail containing a special discount can go a long way into building loyalty.


6. Lastly, it’s the tools. How efficient are your marketing operations? Do you use sticky notes, notepads, endless email chains or spreadsheets? Are the means that you use enough, error-free and easy for everybody to follow? If not, what could you do better in 2018? For example, if you are a global organization with a complex marketing plan and many teams involved, you might want to explore an alternative tool such as marketing calendar software that can streamline your marketing operations thus increasing productivity and driving ROI.



Guest author: Ksenia Newton

Ksenia is a Digital Marketing Manager at CrossCap Ksenia blogs on all things social media, digital marketing, and growth hacking, and she can be reached at @ksenia_newton


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