5 Reasons Why You Should Optimise Your Website For Mobile


• By Donata Pieta •


A mobile optimised website is a must.


There is no longer a place for websites that are slow to load and require zooming and scrolling – and yet these still exist.

When people use their mobiles on-the-go and struggle to find the required information quickly, they would rather switch to another website than wait. Not only will they abandon these slow websites, but also it’s very likely they will never visit them again.

All industry forecasts and trends indicate that Mobile – and m-commerce in particular – is the future for business. Therefore mobile optimisation, if it’s not already there, must be on your roadmap for the coming year.

Here are the five main benefits of having a mobile optimised website.


1) Brand Reputation

A great mobile website can help you build positive perception of your brand.

Satisfied customers will not only be faithful but also will become your brand ambassadors.

Conversely, a bad mobile experience will translate into customers’ frustration, not only with the website itself but also with your company. Your customers will feel as though you don’t care about them and their business, so they may stop engaging or shopping with you altogether.


2) Enhanced User Experience

A mobile website that offers fantastic user experience leaves your users satisfied, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Less is more when designing for your mobile customers. Leave out fancy details and remember simplicity is the key. Make sure you keep the look and messages consistent across all the touch-points as your customers will switch from one device to another at some point.


3) Increased Conversion

Statistics confirm that mobile shoppers not only spend more but also are more likely to take an action, once they’ve found what they want.

Time is precious for these customers, who make purchasing decisions on their smartphones. Ensure your checkout process on mobile is quick and easy, with minimal information required and alternative payment methods, such as PayPal, available.

Not a retailer? Make sure your business is listed with Google, can be easily found and has implemented ‘Click-to-Call’. Don’t make your users scroll and search to find your number when they can book an appointment or a table with one simple click.


4) Better Google Ranking

Google loves mobile optimised websites. You may unknowingly sabotage your SEO efforts with a poor and unusable mobile design.

What matters for Google ranking? A website with good speed, great content and practicality. You won’t fool the algorithms of any of the top search engines with a pretty look – the website must be functional as well.


5) Competitive Advantage

A well designed and optimised mobile website is an asset, and it can set you apart from your competition. Great shopping and browsing experiences can gain you the edge over your competitors and attract their customers, simply because they have not optimised.

With the speed of smartphone technology, sometimes it may be hard to keep up with the latest features, functionalities and trends. You should always base your decisions on what’s the best for your business and your customers.

Mobile optimisation is your investment in the future. It may be a costly one for now – but I can assure you, it will pay off.



Guest author : Donata Pieta

Donata is a Digital Marketing Consultant with 8 years of experience working for Retail E-commerce and 4 years within Digital Marketing / Professional Services consultancy role. She specialises in E-commerce, Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy, Customer Journey and User Experience Optimisation.



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