4 Innovative Hacks which Will Help You

Drastically Grow the Traffic of Your Website 



Without a great traffic, it will be very difficult to get the results you want.

One the one hand, the traffic is key because traffic leads to sales. On the other hand, it’s very difficult to get traffic.

Nowadays, there are for example 164 million blogs online and 71% get fewer than 5,000 visitors per month.

The majority of website owners are not satisfied at all with the traffic they get.

If you ask yourself how to increase the traffic of your website, you should not worry because you are not alone in this situation.

Here is a list of 4 hacks which will help you increase the number of people who visit your website.

1. Grow your website traffic with SEMrush 

how to grow website traffic with semrush

You can use SEMrush in order to know where the traffic of your main competitors, on their website, comes from.

SEMrush is a very powerful tool. It can help you know which keywords

and which keywords combinations bring which traffic to your competitors.

Once you know which words mainly contribute to the volume of visits on the website of your competitors,

you will have a better picture about the market you target, how the audience is composed,

and the keywords on which you could also capitalize in order to increase the traffic of your website. 

Example: if you created a website dedicated to fitness and you notice

that the main competitor in you niche gets its traffic thanks to words you did not use yet,

the simple use of these words in one of your articles or web pages will enable you

to drastically increase your traffic (if you manage to position this article or this web page

on the first pages of Google, on these new words). 

SEMrush allows you also to know if your competitors invested in Google Adwords.

If you notice that your competitors invested in certain keywords in order to increase their traffic,

it can give you great indications on which strategy you should implement for your website.

The fact that a competitor invested in some keywords does not mean that it was successful.

This kind of information does not give you any evaluation on the ROI of such operations.

But if you observe that the investment has been made during a very long period,

you can definitely say that the investment was worth it.

Otherwise they would have stopped a long time ago.

SEMrush also gives information on the traffic % per web page.

If you notice that one of your competitors earns 20% of its traffic thanks to a single article

on a topic you did not cover in your blog yet, you should definitely write a similar article

and work on the SEO of your new article.

Once your article will be on the first pages of search engines,

it shall bring you a massive traffic to your website, too.

Last but not least, SEMrush gives you key indications on the backlinks your competitors have,

and particularly the origin of these backlinks. If you notice that a few websites bring a ton of visits

to one of your competitors, you can assume that working with these websites

will help you drastically increase your traffic.

These are just a few examples of the impressive added value of SEMrush,

which can also indicate plenty of other very strategic competitors’ information such as:

the evolution of the traffic through the years, the audience repartition per country,

the number of backlinks, competitors’ sample ads with screenshots.

Many reports can be downloaded in csv files which make it much easier to finetune the data.

2. Grow your website traffic with Start A Fire

how to grow website traffic with start a fire

Start A Fire allows you to post on your timelines articles with a modified format:

once they are viewed by other people, they appear with a small window (called “badge”)

containing your brand name, the sentence “Your brand name also recommends”

and the title of an article or a web page with an hypertext link which can point to your website.

You can add several titles and each time an article will be viewed, maximum two titles

and two hypetext links will appear on the screen of the people who read the articles you share this way.

If you choose more than two titles with hypertext links, the two titles and hypertext links

which will appear will change alternatively. 

The tool is powerful because it gives you statistics on the pageviews and the page clicks.

You can make your own analysis and see which links brought the best results for your digital platform.

It dresses a list of all the links you could build with this tool, with key information such as

the dates when you created these links and the results of every single link.

You can use and copy every link again and repost it on your various timelines.

The platform enables you to work with other digital tools such as

Buffer, Hootsuite, Meet Edgar or TweetDeck. 

Example with Buffer: you can connect Buffer and automatically recommend your content

within any link in your scheduled updates.  You will be able to select which Buffer profiles

to turn on and which domains you want to exclude from adding your badge.

You can also install the Start A Fire Chrome or Safari Extension and easily add

your recommended content to any link from your browser.

3. Grow your website traffic with Feedly

grow website traffic feedly

Feedly can help you make your competition analysis. But it can also help you grow your traffic.

All the relevant articles in your industry can be distributed on your various social networks timelines.

The tool has different functions which allow you to instantaneously share all interesting articles

you will discover by making your market analysis.

Combined with Start A Fire, Feedly can be of great help to increase your traffic.

Because the articles you will select on Feedly can be viewed with your badge

containing a title and a hypertext link pointing to your website.

This simple hack can really bring supplemental traffic to your website.

Try for example to acquire an important volume of followers on Twitter.

The more followers you will have, the more people will read the articles you have selected

via Feedly and you posted on your Twitter timeline.

And the more people will read the articles you post on Twitter, the more people

will land on your website after having clicked on the badge you added with Start A Fire.

4. Grow your website traffic with Twitter Analytics

The Twitter Analytics give you very interesting information.

The main dashboard for example delivers key information such as the best tweet of the month.

Knowing exactly which of your tweets was the most successful will help you capitalize

on your past successes and retweet tweets on the topics which enabled you

to get the engagement you wanted. 

how to grow website traffic with twitter

You can also analyze the results of every single tweet you posted,

in terms of impressions, likes and engagement.

If you see that one of your tweets had spectacular results,

well, you’ll just have to retweet it as long as the diffusion of this tweet

brings the same spectacular results.

How simple.

grow website traffic twitter

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Written by Jerome Perrin

I help professionals grow their business 

thanks to digital, technology and web marketing