3 Strategies To Take Your SEO To The Next Level

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• By Akash Srivastava •


Why is SEO so important?


The website is the first point of contact with the online audience. Whether it is about generating leads or attracting new customers, your website can do everything. However, your website is of no use unless people can find it. SEO plays a very important role here, as it helps you drive huge traffic to your website.   It will help you connect with those who are searching for your products or services, and turn them into potential customers.

If you have been around SEO world for years, you would probably be aware of SEO basics. However, basic knowledge of SEO won’t be enough to run a successful SEO campaign. You need to follow some strategies and techniques to take your SEO to the next level. Before optimizing your website, you have to know why you are doing it and what you have to optimize it for.

In this post, I am going to describe the top 3 SEO strategies that every SEO consultant should look for:


1. Valuable & Unique Content


In the past, SEO experts used to focus on creating content for search engines. However, time has changed and the practice has become dead. Today, search engines want digital marketers to develop content for their audience. Search engines want the content to be of exceptional quality and entirely informative. Gone are the days when content writers used to stuff the content with too many keywords.

Based on my practical experience, I advise you to go into the market before you develop content. Interact with your audience and know their interests, so that you can create content that converts the visitors into potential leads. Publishing relevant content on search engines will enhance the user experience and will give your website a better chance to land on the first page of search engine results.

To formulate the content strategy for SEO success, SEO experts should consider recent Google updates and their implications on your website.


2. Responsive Web Design & HTTPS


SEO is one of the core components of digital marketing. Mobile sales have overtaken desktop sales and the usage is expected to go even beyond in 2017. More than 65% of the users claim that they are more likely to buy from mobile friendly websites. Hence, companies that rely on SEO are making a transition into mobile responsive designs.

There is a great increase in the usage of smartphones these days, I believe that mobile responsive websites are likely to attract visitors. If SEO is the key factor, then mobile responsive web design is the best option. Google also recommends mobile responsive websites, as it wants more and more people to visit your website. Also, Google is creating a separate mobile search index to enhance user experience.

The best thing about responsive web design is that it can provide great user experience across different devices. A website that works well regardless of the device and screen size provide better and consistent user experience.

In short, creating a mobile responsive website is one of the best SEO strategies that helps you drive huge traffic to your website and improve the user experience. I also suggest using HTTPS, instead of HTTP, because it’s a google ranking factor and it increases user trust.


3. Natural-High Quality Link Building

Search engines are treating links as votes for a long time. According to reputed search engines, websites that have authority backlinks are more popular. A natural link building strategy is the key to a successful SEO campaign. There are different approaches of SEO link building and you can improve your link building strategies using some tips and tricks. If you are looking for ways to drive huge traffic to your website, link building strategy is a must. SEO experts who want to do well dedicate serious resources towards their link building campaigns and this is one of the reasons behind their success.

No doubt, links will help your website rank high on search engine results. If you already have basic knowledge of SEO, you need a strategy that goes beyond the basics of SEO.  

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Guest author: Akash Srivastava

Akash Srivastava is a SEO Consultant. He helps people create or revise their SEO plan, implement it and monitor results. Follow him on Twitter @akash_seo



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