Jerome  Perrin 

Digital  Marketing  Specialist  

Owner of J4JAY Studio Web, a digital agency in France



Digital Marketing .


I can help you build your global digital network.

It’s all about finding the right tools for the job.

The advantage of web marketing is that we can test numerous concepts until we achieve the targeted results in terms of sales, market shares, return of investment, visibility, brand awareness, online authority and notoriety.


Digital marketers know that repeat testing and analysis is the key to turning an international digital network into a successful online business.

This is the art of “Growth Hacking”, which consists of developing, testing and promoting digital solutions which will allow a website owner to outperform their targets.

I can help you source, develop and implement all the marketing hacks and techniques you need to grow your business online.


Whatever your project, the number of digital solutions available to you is endless.

Our support will ensure that every aspect of your platform will be submitted to a professional experimentation and analysis process, including web design, wording, CTA, landing pages, and more.

For example, even the choice of site coloring can make a world of difference. Each design can convey a completely different message to your audience.


I can help you navigate the endless options available to you to best construct your online presence and be suitable for a global audience.

There are many ways to analyse your site’s performance, including analytic dashboards and resources such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Webalizer, and Jetpack. Through these tools, you will have access to a range of relevant metrics to help you assess your international growth.

I can help you analyze, understand and select the right dashboards for your digital platform – and build the KPI for the follow-up of your performance.


Whatever your project, the creation of quality content will be key. Features such as blogs, ebooks, contests, economic studies, etc., are marketing tools. The available options are endless; I can help you to select, develop and publish relevant marketing content to help your site succeed, as well as make sure your site is at the top of any Google search results page.





I can help you write great articles and texts relevant to your business and useful for promoting financial return.

A blogging strategy is a key digital asset. It costs you absolutely nothing but time – unless you decide to externalize the writing and publishing process –  and it can allow you to build a great community of regular readers, fans and customers.

If established well, a great blog can be the key foundation and cornerstone of all your future successes. If you manage to be a great publisher, you’ll manage to be a great seller.



Social Media


Community management is a must if you want to develop your visibility on a global scale, particularly if you’re starting from scratch.

It is of the utmost importance that you master social network marketing and use blogging platforms successfully.

It is all about working with automation tools and constructing a following from numerous loyal customers and fans who can positively and regularly speak about your brand – and eventually purchase the contents and products you promote.

Create the engagement that will make the difference.

Your fans are your best advocates and your best sales representatives. They will promote your business for you, sing your praises, buy your products and attract new customers – all through the power of influence.



Jerome  Perrin


I help professionals grow their business through digital, technology and web marketing.





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