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Digital  Marketing  Specialist  

Owner of J4JAY Studio Web, a digital agency in France



I shape digital marketing concepts through every possible digital solution. 


My professional life started with the internet. When I began my career at LVMH at the age of 25, working for the brand Louis Vuitton, I received a visit from a member of the IT department; he explained to me that all employees would have now an email.


At that time, we were primarily working with fax technology; we received information in the morning, sent answers in the afternoon, and expected responses to our replies the day after.


It was a kind of a middle-age organization, compared to the modernity of today’s digital technologies.


Eighteen years later, I create my own websites as an entrepreneur.


I primarily use a range of intelligent solutions such as CMS, social networks, automation tools and web marketing processes.


I practice SEO, implement social media strategies, develop growth hacking techniques, and design marketing contents.


And I write.


I’m a digital marketing specialist.


I can help you build your next success story by using all kinds of web marketing, digital and technological solutions.

My method consists of making the complex simple without sacrificing sophistication.


It’s about aesthetics, but that’s not all that matters.


If you’re not getting the results you want, if you’re confused with all the digital solutions and tools out there, or if you want to set up a global digital system that really works, just drop me an email and let’s start the conversation.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you,



Jerome  Perrin


I help professionals grow their business through digital, technology and web marketing.